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November 6 2019

500th gynecological robotic surgery at KYS

Robotic surgery started at KYS in February 2016 after the acquisition of the DaVinci Xi surgical robot. During the first year, 143 robotic assisted gynecological surgeries were performed. The first surgery at KYS was gynecological, uterine and ovarian removal. In October 2019, the 500th gynecological robotic surgery was performed.
Including urology and gastro-surgery, robotic surgeries have been performed on nearly 1,200 patients by October 2019.

The main reason for robotic surgery has been gynecological cancer. 74% of DaVinci Xi patients represent this population. Other reasons for using the robot in surgery have been gynecological surgeries in overweight patients, deep endometriosis and possible difficult fixations in the surgery area.