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Beauty Salon Kekoni

Minna Canthinkatu 34
70100 KUOPIO

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Beauty Salon Kekoni

My name is Riitta Kekoni, I am the owner of the Beauty Salon Kauneuspiste Kekoni, located in the city center of Kuopio. I have worked for 10 years as a cosmetologist, 8 of which as an entrepreneur. I work with great professionalism, bringing my heart to my

For the beauty treatments I rely on the high quality JANSSEN COSMETICS skincare system developed both for professional and home users. JANSSEN COSMETICS innovative scincare products are the result of succesfull resarch work by a German biologist farmacologist Roland Sacher. In 2017, my Beauty Salon won the award of JANSSEN COSMETICS Beauty Salon of Finland.