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Juha Hartikainen

Curriculum vitae

Current position:
Profesor of Cardiology, University of Eastern Finland, from 2010
Director, Heart Center, Kuopio University Hospital, from 2010

Education and training:
Licenciate of Medicine, University of Kuopio, 1983
Doctor of Medical Science (dissertation), University of Kuopio, 1987
Specialist in Internal Medicine, University of Kuopio, 1993
Full Registration as a Medical Practitioner, General Medical Council, London, UK, 1994
Specialist in Cardiology, University of Kuopio, 1996
Docent, University of Kuopio, 1996
GCP Training 2012
Aviation Medical Examiner (Europe, Joint Aviation Authorities), 1993

Postdoctoral training:
St George’s Hospital, London (professors John Camm and Marek Malik) 1994-1995

Previous professional appointments:
Research Registrar in Cardiology, St George’s Hospital, London, UK, 1994-1995 (13 months)
Lecturer, Department of Medicine, University of Kuopio, 1995-1996 (12 months)
Consultant Cardiologist, Department of Medicine, Kuopio University Hospital, 1996-1997 (6 months)
Associate Professor in Molecular Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University of Kuopio, 1997 - 1998 (15 months)
Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Department of Medicine, Kuopio University Hospital, 1998 - 2004 (75 months)
Professor in Medicine, University of Kuopio and University of Eastern Finland, 2004 -2010
Head, Division of Cardiology, Kuopio University Hospital, 2005 -2009.
Professor in Cardiology, University of Tampere, 2007 -2009.

Research awards:
1st price, 19. Progress Report Award, Finnish Cardiac Society, 1993
E.S.C. Research Fellowship, European Society of Cardiology, 1994
Rhythm Day lecture, Working Group of Arrhythmia and Pacing, Finnish Cardiac Society, 2013
State of the HeArt lecture, Finish Cardiac Society, 2015

Medical Journal activities:
Member of Editorial Board, Clinical Physiology
Member of Editorial Board, Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging
Member of Editorial Board, Open Nuclear Medicine Journal
Member of Editorial Board, Cor et Vasa
Member of Advisory Board, OA Cardiology
Member of Editorial Boad, Journal of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
Reviewer, Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Reviewer, Clinical Intensive Care
Reviewer, American Journal of Cardiology
Reviewer, Lancet
Reviewer, Clinical Physiology
Reviewer, Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology
Reviewer, Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health
Reviewer, Annals of Medicine
Reviewer, Suomen Lääkärilehti
Reviewer, Duodecim
Reviewer, Frontiers in Clinical and Translational Physiology
Reviewer Journal of Vascular Research
Reviewer, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Reviewer, International Journal of Cardiology
Reviewer, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review
Reviewer, Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal

Other professional activities (national)
Member of Board, EVO-research evaluation board. Kuopio University Hospital 2010-2013.
Member of Board, Doctoral Programme of Clinical Research, Kuopio University hospital 2013-
Member of Grant Review Board, Finnish Heart Association 2003 -2009
Member of Medical Advisory Board, Finnish Heart Association 2003 - 2009.
Member of Scientific Board. Paulo Foundation 2010 -
Member of Board, Foundation for Research in Health Exercise and Nutrition 2011 -
Member of Scientific Board, Aarne and Aili Turunen Foundation 2012 -
Member of Evaluation Board. Medical Research Center Oulu (Oulu University) 2013 -
Deputy Board Member, Kuopio University Hospital Research Foundation 2014 -
Prize Award Board, Medix Prize for Biosciences. 2015 -

Other professional activities (international)
Member of the Research and Trainning Fellowship Committee, European Society of Cardiology 2004-2005
National Guideline Coordinator, European Society of Cardilogy 2008 – 2009
Delegate Member, UEMS Section of Cardiology 2010-
Auditor, UEMS Section of Cardiology 2014-
National Training Coordinator, European Society of Cardiology 2012-

Activities in scientific societies
Member of the Board, Finnish Cardiac Society 2000-2001
Member of the Board, North-Savo Physicians Association 1999 – 2002
President, North-Savo Physicians Association 2002 – 2005
President-Elect, Finnish Cardiac Society, 2003 -2005
President, Finnish Cardiac Society, 2006 - 2007
Past-President, Finnish Cardiac Society, 2008 – 2009
Member of the Board, Duodecim society 2005-2007
Member of the Committee (Valtuuskunta), Duodecim Society 2010-2013
President of the Committee (Valtuuskunta), Duodecim Society, 2013-
Member European Heart Rhythm Assicoation (EHRA)
Member European Association of Percutanoeus Cardiovascular Interventions

Total 323
Original publications (english) 182
Manuscripts/submitted 11
Original publications (non-english) 14
Review articles (english) 10
Review articles (non-english) 36
Books (english) 1
Book chapters (english) 3
Book chapters (non.english) 51
Letters etc.