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Kari Vanamo

Curriculum vitae

Professional experience:
Pediatric Surgeon-in-Chief, Kuopio University Hospital, 1.3.2000-continues
Visiting professor, Centre for Surgical Technologies, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, 1.9.1999-29.2.2000
Pediatric Surgeon, Kuopio University Hospital, 24.4.1995-31.8.1999
Researcher, Foundation for Pediatric Research, Helsinki, 1.6.1993-23.4.1995
Pediatric Surgeon, Kuopio University Hospital, 1.12.1990-23.5.1993
Registrar in Plastic Surgery, University of Helsinki, Division of Plastic Surgery, 1.7.1990-25.8.1990
Registrar in Pediatric Surgery, Children’s' Hospital, University of Helsinki, 1.6.1986-31.5.1990
Registrar in Surgery, Kuopio University Central Hospital, 1.6.1983-31.5.1986
Registrar in Surgery, Registrar in Anaesthesiology, Registrar in Internal Medicine, North Karelian Central Hospital, 1.3.1978-31.7.1982

International experience:
Surgeon, Red Cross and Red Crescent hospital in Azraq refugee camp, Azraq, Jordania, October-November 2014
Surgeon, Finnish/German Red Cross ERU (Emergency response unit), Haiti earthquake, Haiti, January-February 2010
Surgeon, Ilembula Lutheran Hospital, Ilembula, Tanzania, November-December 2009
General practitioner, Basic health care unit, Finnish Red Cross/ICRC, Patikka, Kashmir earthquake, October-November 2005
Team leader, ERU (Emergency response unit) International federation of the Red Cross societies, Bam earthquake, Iran, March-May 2004
Surgeon, ERU (Emergency response unit) Bhuj earthquake, India, February 2001

Surgeon in the field hospitals of the International Committee of the Red Cross:
Yemen, July-August 1994
Somalia, August-November 1993
Somalia, March-April 1992
Pakistan, February-April 1991
Somalia, February-May 1990
Kenya, February-March 1989
Kenya, October 1987-January 1988
Thailand, August-November 1985
Lebanon, August-November 1982

FRC representative during the hostage crisis in Iraq November-December 1990
Member of FRC delegation for Kurdish refugees in Estonia September 1994
Surgeon, Médecins Sans Frontieres (Belgium)
Somalia, August-September 1996

Basic Education:
Subspecialty in pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, November 2006
Docent in pediatric surgery, Kuopio University, Finland, February 2004
Ph.D. in Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland, March 1998
Specialist in Pediatric Surgery, University of Helsinki, Finland, December 1989
Specialist in Surgery, University of Kuopio, Finland, July 1985
Licentiate in Medicine, University of Turku, Finland, March 1977
Military training: Commando soldier, Aug 1977 - Feb 1978

Supplementary education:
Nobel Mini-Symposium on Fetal Medicine Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 28.-29.5.1998
Advanced Course on Video-Assisted Pediatric Surgery European Institute of Telesurgery, Strasbourg, 29.-30.1.1998
Update in Perinatal Medicine & Surgery Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, 22.-23.5.1997
The British Council course, Manchester: Current practice in neonatal surgery, 16.-23.7.1995
University of Helsinki Biostatistics, 2.-5.5.1994
University of Helsinki Philosophy and Medicine, 9.2.-6.4.1993
The British Council course, Edinburgh: Advances in children's orthopaedics, 21.-27.3.1993
The British Council course, Manchester: Neonatal and paediatric surgery, 30.6.-12.7.1991
University of Turku; Studies in Practical Philosophy and Sociology, 1972

Red Cross Courses:
ERU team leader and counterparts workshop, Geneva, 16.-21.9.2001
5th War Surgery Seminar, Geneva, 22.-24.4.1994
Emergency Unit Rehearsal, Hauho, 9.-10.4.1994
Field Hospital Rehearsal, Kalkku, 27.-28.2.1993
Field Hospital Rehearsal, Niinisalo, 8.-10.3.1984
Basic Training Course for Future Delegates, Airisto, 17.-22.5.1982

Language skills:
Finnish (mother tongue), English (excellent), Swedish (good), German (moderate), French (some), Spanish (some), Italian (some).