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FinnHealth Sport

High-quality sports medicine expertise and diverse testing service

Do you want to start the systematic development of your own fitness? Do you train in a specific sports towards a goal and you would like to improve your performance?

We offer an extensive service package for motivated athletes as well as those seeking to improve their own well-being and performance. Our specialists help you get the tools for planning your training and systematic improvement of performance. Our goal is that you get to train with quality and safely without injuries and illnesses caused by stress. We provide assistance by means of the strong expertise of both medicine and sports physiotherapy. Our team consists of sports medicine specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, physiatrists and physiotherapists, who provide expertise in the assessment, surgery and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

FinnHealth Sport

We offer a wide range of testing services, through which You get tools for planning your training and achieving goals. Through testing, you can also get important information about the condition of your heart and respiratory system. We carry out tests for You personally, or more broadly with the group attending with you. At the testing, you will always get a personal report on the testing as well as feedback.

We offer, for example:

- spiroergometry examinations implemented at a specialist medical care level
- bicycle ergometer with an indirect method
- lactate level test, sports include swimming, running, skiing, cycling, triathlon
- exercise control tests with lactate measurements (same sports as with the lactate level tests)
- Inbody composition measurement
- First Beat wellbeing analysis