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Finland is known for its pure nature, air and water, as well as its high level of education and the well-being of the population. We want to provide this know-how and the Finnish experience to you in the context of health and medical tourism.

Our FinnHealth team provides a high-quality health and medical tourism-oriented service, where you and your health are the centre of attention. We will tailor a comprehensive service according to your needs, where we provide high-quality medical assistance and quality accommodation services with auxiliary activities for you and your family. We have good connections by plane, train and car.

Our world-class health care system is based on university education, which is offered in Kuopio at the University of Eastern Finland. Every year almost 150 doctors and nearly 100 specialists graduate here with us.

Following the introduction of our new build in the summer of 2015, we are most modern hospital in Finland, where the best practices and the latest technology are applied. We provide expertise in various fields of medicine through our cooperation network.

Jorma Penttinen, Medical Director, Professor

Helena Länsimies, FinnHealth Manager, PhD, Health Sciences

Our most important task is to provide the best possible care to our patients.

We represent all medical specialties, who work in close, multidisciplinary cooperation. For example, epilepsy surgery and the treatment of especially severe burns have been nationally centralised to our hospital. We treat the most common national diseases in special top centres, such as Neurology, Cardiovascular and Cancer Centres. In them, the various specialisations strive to overcome the disease together.

The excellent quality of our operations is indicated with the international-quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008, which has been granted, to its full extent, to KUH as the only university hospital in Finland. And most importantly, according to opinion polls, our patients are very satisfied with the treatment they have received.

We further improve the service experience

Our entire hospital will be reformed over the next decade, by means of new builds and renovations. The basis of the reform is the new hospital that was introduced in the summer of 2015, where the hospital's core functions will be placed. This building covers an area of over 35,000 brm2 and the construction costs are approximately 100 million euros. Our hospital's complex of 26 operating theatres and 50 recovery room places is one of the largest in Europe. In these new facilities, we will carry out 100 surgeries, 600 outpatient visits and 40 dialysis treatments daily. In the autumn of 2015, the new building for radiotherapy was also completed, where, for example, the radiotherapy unit, oncology outpatient clinic and infusion unit are located. Our older buildings are being currently renovated.

In spite of the scale of our operations, we operate in a compactly integrated area, where all our services are available quickly and flexibly if the situation so requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure to send my private information?

When you contact us with the contact sheet on our website, the information will be directed to an internal email system of Kuopio University Hospital. The site is SSL protected. However, the information is sent at your own responsibility. We urge you not to use public internet connection to send us any information.

How much will my treatment cost?

The costs depend on the treatment you require. There are no fixed rates for a complete treatment. All treatments are made individually based on the diagnosis and provisional treatment plan. We will provide you with a cost estimation based on the medical information available at the time of calculation.

In case the treatment changes during the process at Kuopio University Hospital, and therefore the costs change significantly, you will be informed of this without delay.

The price, defined in the cost estimation, will be charged fully as a prepayment. The final costs will be balanced with the actual costs after the treatment, whether it requires additional payment or refunding.

How soon can my treatment be arranged?

The schedule will be defined in the treatment plan. We will try to arrange your treatment as quickly and flexibly as possible.

The final schedule of the treatment will be confirmed after the required travel documents (visa) have been granted and the prepayment has been received.

When do I have to pay for my treatment?

The price, defined in the cost estimation, will be charged fully as a prepayment. The final costs will be balanced with the actual costs after the treatment, whether it requires additional payment or refunding.

You will be kept informed during the treatment in case significant additional costs would be necessary.

The final refund or invoice will be sent within six weeks of the final treatment.

What documents are required for access to the treatment?

We require all essential medical documents in English related to the treatment you are looking for, including MRI's, X-rays, etc.

Your travelling permission and visa to Finland. We can assist with the Finnish visa application.

The access to the treatment will be granted after Kuopio University Hospital has received the agreed prepayment. Additionally, we recommend you prepare for the trip and treatment with funds to cover possible additional costs of the acute treatment, necessary aftercare or other services.

If your country of residence has granted you prior authorisation (form E 112 or S2) for treatment provided in Finland, you will pay the same customer fees for the treatment as the residents of Finland.

We also accept guarantees from insurance companies.

Can you help me arrange accommodation for my companion?

We have several hotel partnerships through which we are able to offer you accommodation with special prices. If you are interested, we will send you further information.

The well-equipped guest rooms of Kuopio University Hospital are also available during your stay. The guest rooms do not include catering services.

Our patient coordinators will assist you with booking accommodation and other hospitality services.

How will I get to Kuopio, Finland?

It is convenient to travel to Kuopio by plane, train or with a car from almost anywhere in Finland.

The duration of the transit flight from Helsinki is approximately 50 minutes. The Kuopio University Hospital is only 15 minutes away from the Kuopio airport.

It takes approximately 4 hours by train ( or car from Helsinki to Kuopio.

If you are using a private plane, you can land directly at the Kuopio airport.

Our partner EMA Group Ltd is at your service in case you require a special ambulance flight or there is a need to take the flight with health care professional(s).