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August 5 2019

From the shop to the KUH

“Lung cancer was found to by chance immediately after the heart attack. The doctor stated that there is a 5-centimeter lung cancer at the top of the left lung. It was then a new series of operations, says the shopkeeper Pentti Kaulamo.

Fortunately, lung cancer was not the most irritating oppression and was successfully eliminated by surgery. The surgery was followed by persistent cytostatic treatments.

”I have had a very good luck. I do not know how I could thank Finnish health care enough. I don't know if there is anything like this in the world. Now that we have to see and experience ourselves, this is where we have to hold our nails and teeth closed. Those people and the professionalism and equipment will certainly cost a lot, but the welfare society is the welfare society”, Pentti tells.

Before lung cancer

The chest pain that plagued the entire week began with pain in the hand, and the thought began to bend as the doctor changed. In the health center there was no need for time and the film revealed the real side of the situation.

“All happened really fast. In heart film, a big crowd fluttered and activity began. Someone called to the Kuopio University Hospital a room for action and I just were thinking that hopely they won´t call it for me”, Pentti says.

The heart attack found in the electrocardiogram and required immediate treatment. Kaulamo was transferred to Kuopio University Hospital and directly to the surgery room. After three hours of arrival at the Leppävirta Health Center, the operation was happily over for Kaulamo.