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Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

A cloud service that analyzes medical and welfare data to turn it into actionable insight and personalized care.

Predictive Analytics Revolutionizes Eldercare

Artificial intelligence monitors the condition of customers in home care and assisted living facilities and helps care providers anticipate changes in the condition.

Artificial intelligence can detect weak signals of changes in the customer’s condition and use them to predict upcoming deviations. Early intervention in deviations improves customer well-being and reduces the need for care.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Gillie AIaaS makes your current health care information system smart. You can add artificial intelligence to an existing information system in a matter of days.

Gillie IoT

Combine data from different measuring devices, visualize it, and forward data to your own applications. 

Gillie IoT integrates safety and measuring devices used by customers at home in the information systems of the service provider.

With the help of the service, some of the 24-hour services provided by hospitals and assisted living facilities can be provided at home. The customer’s ability to cope at home can be monitored remotely regardless of the time of day or place of residence.