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Helena Medical Group

Kirkkokatu 7 B, 4th floor
57100 Savonlinna, Finland

+358 50 570 8720

International Medical Centre

The Finnish Helena Medical Group provides medical services and healthcare consulting for patients from around the world.

World's Best Healthcare

Finland has world-class specialists in a wide variety of medical fields and the best healthcare systems in the world, and Helena Medical Group gives you access to their services.

Of all European countries Finland has:
» the lowest rate of post-operative complications caused by infection (0,03%)
» the lowest rate of maternal mortality
» one of the best outcome rates for cancer treatment in the world

All Clinics in One

The Helena Medical Group is a Finnish medical company. Our staff includes highly-qualified professionals in medicine and healthcare management.

We also have the widest medical partnership network in Scandinavia, so you can be assured that our doctors will find for you the best consultants and treatment options available.

High Quality Services

We do our best to ensure that your preparation, treatment and rehabilitation in Finland are as easy as possible for you.

When you contacting us, you receive a full range of services for organizing your trip — from identifying your problem and preparing medical information for initial consultation with a Finnish specialist until your complete recovery after your treatment.