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November 29 2019

If Vilho hadn't received the right kind of treatment at KUH, he had lost the vision of the affected eye

"My right eye was diagnosed with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over two years ago. First I went to see the local ophthalmologist for loss of vision, and I was instructed to go see professor Kai Kaarniranta at the ophthalmology clinic of Kuopio University Hospital.



I have been coming here once a month for nearly two years. The treatment lasts for one to two hours at a time. If the journey to the hospital is long, your own physician can give you the injections, but the progress of the treatment will be monitored by professor Kaarniranta and his team here at KUH.

The eye is first anesthetized and after that the injection is given. Of course, it was rather terrifying in the beginning, having a needle like that injected in your eye, but I had heard from my friends that there is nothing to fear.

The treatment is very painless: at most, it is like the smallest mosquito bite. You should avoid all exterior irritation of the eye, doing dusty work and going to the sauna for three days after the treatment. My physical treatments will end soon, but I will still have check-ups once a month and have more injections if necessary.

The hospital staff has been very kind and good at what they do. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I have always received plenty of information about the procedures and we have discussed a lot of other things as well.

This disease will never fully heal, but with these treatments it can be managed. I have even got some of my vision back. If I hadn’t received the right kind of treatment, I will surely have lost the vision of the affected eye."

- Vilho Ruotsalainen, 77