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August 5 2019

Maija Ukkonen could not walk, got help from FinnHealth

I got my life back, thanks to Kuopio University Hospital and FinnHealth. The information that given was clear all along and there was no uncertainty during the whole process. I received clear answers to all my questions.

My situation in July 2018 was so bad that I could only move using a wheelchair and had been in pain or over a year. In Swedish hospital they only gave me more painkillers and I was told in June 2018 that they will start searching a slot in an institution for me. I panicked and went to Kuopio immediately. Luckily I had been in contact with the surgeon Sakari Salminen previously. He removed all the screws from my back and as early as the first post op day, I was able to take few steps. Before arriving in Kuopio University Hospital, I was on several pain medication.

It has been six months since the operation and I am now free from all pain medication. I am the happiest person in the world and cannot thank Sakari Salminen and FinnHealth enough. I am terrified just thinking about what would have happened if it wasn’t for you.