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500th gynecological robotic surgery at KYS

November 6 2019 Robotic surgery started at KYS in February 2016 after the acquisition of the DaVinci Xi surgical robot. During the first year, 143 robotic assisted gynecological surgeries were performed. The first surgery at KYS was gynecological, uterine and ovarian removal. In October 2019, the 500th gynecological robotic surgery was performed. READ MORE

What is ethical good care for us?

August 20 2019 What is ethical good care for us? Ethically good care is our hospital´s common task. It´s implementation is to support both legislation and ethical guidelines. Ethics applies to all parts in care and services. It justifies and obliges you to act in an ethical manner. READ MORE

National Neuro Centre receives financial support from Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

August 8 2019 The National Neuro Centre aims to gather the knowledge of Finnish neuro science. The goal is to build more effective social and health services as well as scientific and commercial success. National Neuro Centre has created six pilot projects concerning clinical research and treatment and also preparation of Neuro Centre’s activity concept. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has granted 900 000 € for this purpose. READ MORE