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April 11 2019

Norbert recommends FinnHealth and CyberKnife

Norbert´s story
Experience in Kuopio:

In my case, I first heard about CyberKnife from my sister Beata Fabi Malsch. She also has Trigeminusneuralgi and she found a couple of places where CyberKnife is being used against this condition. She eventually chose Kuopio because it is an EU country and because Hamburg had a very long waiting list.

She had the treatment in February and it was successful and this was the main reason for me going to Kuopio as well.

The Cyberknife treatment was successful in my case also and the pain went away immediately. I could start to reduce my levels of medication but it still took me about 3 months to get rid of them altogether.

The most common side effect of the CyberKnife is a numbness of the face. It does not effect the movement or muscles but can be a bit annoying depending on how strong the numbness is. In my case I only feel it a tiny bit after the treatment and it does not bother me. I have had other treatments before and they made my face very numb and it was really hard getting used to.

The hospital in Kuopio is very modern and well equipped. It is also a place were one feels relaxed and well looked after. All the staff that I met during my stay were very friendly and highly competent. Everybody spoke excellent English so the communication was no problem at all. The doctors really took their time to talk to me and explain everything that I needed to know.

I would recommend a CyberKnife treatment for anyone with Trigeminusneuralgi because it is not invasive in the same way as many other treatments for this condition and the result has so far been very positive.

Norbert Fabi