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Path Surgery

We are a medical tourism facilitator with ambition to bring transparency, safety and affordability to having treatment overseas.

Welcome to the Nordics for your treatment!

At Path Surgery we believe that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all. Our service creates a package that will fill your particular medical needs, but we also take a step further to ensure that nothing on the treatment path is missed. Ultimately you should feel like you are having the treatment locally so that the comfort of your trip is as if you never left home. We believe this is healthcare as it should be.

Our package is designed to meet any medical and other needs you may have. The treatment includes everything you need during the treatment.

Behind the ideology of our company is the ever-increasing price-level and inefficiency of American healthcare. Americans are under constantly increasing medical costs, and the local system is lacking in quality, speed and focus in patients.  Americans are constantly seeing high priced healthcare in their home country and at the same time medical traveling might be overwhelmingly hard to understand – this is why Path Surgery was founded.

We see that too many patients hesitate in going for overseas medical treatment because of insecurity, lack of communication and the hard time of planning medical treatment by themselves. We want to help future patients in treatment consulting and planning, traveling and postoperative follow-up care and rehabilitation.

We exist to create and provide seamless treatment Paths which are easy to understand and safe to take. Our service concept includes an all-inclusive medical travelling journey in the Nordic countries’ best hospitals. We focus in complete transparency, seeing a human in every customer and aiming for the best possible treatment results.

We offer an all-inclusive medical travel service starting from diagnostics and travel arrangements to postoperative follow-up care.