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Aarno Dietz

MD, PhD, Specialist

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Aarno Dietz

The technical development in audiology and cochlear implants is quite fast, and the chances of treating and rehabilitating patients' hearing are getting better and better. KUH is a pioneer in Finland in developing new diagnostic hearing tests and quality of life indicators. New test methods have significantly improved diagnostics and the results of aural rehabilitation.

Another strong area of expertise is the development of implant technology and new surgical techniques. We have an extensive international research network with Europe's most significant centers of audiology and cochlear implants. The KUH-otorhinolaryngology clinic offers patients effective high-quality cochlear implant rehabilitation, the results of which are among the international best.

Facts about Aarno

Speciality: Ear, nose and throat diseases
Special skills: Audiology, otorhinolaryngology