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Joona Varis

Deputy Chief Physician

MD, Specialist


Joona Varis

I started to work in neurosurgery already in the beginning of my career. Before that, I had some experience of internal diseases, ear diseases and general surgery. From the very beginning, neurosurgery seemed an intriguing and challenging field and at the same time a suitably compact entity as a specialty. I enjoyed the work community very much, so the decision to stay in the field was easy. Even though the work is heavy at times, I have not regretted the decision.

I still appreciate the daily experiences of success when working with patients, as I see severely ill patients benefit from the treatment. Neurosurgery as a medical field is also constantly evolving, and it is great to see patients concretely benefit from this development. 

Facts about Joona

Speciality: Neurosurgery
Special skills: Skull base tumors, vascular surgery, endoscopic surgery, spinal surgery