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Jouni Kurola

Chief Physician, Director

MD, PhD, Professor, Specialist

Accidents and Emergency

Jouni Kurola

I am a general practitioner as well as a specialist for anaesthesiology and intensive care, but I have focused onprehospital emergency care in my career. Starting in those specialties enabled development and learning also in prehospital emergency care. Through the events I have seen in my work, I have understood the meaning of ambulance service not only in emergencies but also more broadly as part of the social and health care structures. The opportunity to be involved in building and developing the future of EMS service towards a modern entity has always inspired me.

The core of my work is helping others. In addition to helping with medicine and treatments, I am particularly concerned with a humane and patient-oriented approach in EMS care. Patient care works best when it is done as team work that involves the patients themselves as well.

“We improve people’s life together” describes the entity quite well.

Facts about Jouni

Speciality: Accidents and Emergency
Special skills: Emergency care medicine