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Jouni Pesola

MD, Specialist


Jouni Pesola

The most important thing in my work is to serve each patient individually to meet their special needs in every situation in life. The age range of our patients extends from infancy to early adulthood, so we have face the needs of the child as well as the whole family. Within our specialty, we treat patients with serious, distressing and even acutely life-threatening diseases. Our mission is to help our patients recover from their illness and continue their lives as fully as possible through efficient diagnostics and accurate treatments. 

I became familiar with children already during a practical training period of my studies at the pediatric department. Working with them felt natural. Children have taught me a lot during the two decades I have worked as a pediatrician. Securing their well-being now and in the future is our main motivation!

Facts about Jouni

Speciality: Oncology,Pediatrics
Special skills: Pediatric blood and cancer diseases