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Kai Kaarniranta

Chief Physician

MD, PhD, Professor, Specialist


Kai Kaarniranta

The most important thing in patient work for me is that we are able to maintain good vision and prevent blindness and vision loss in people. We had a real breakthrough in treating the macula in eye care about ten years ago. Now we can treat this delicate, sharp-sighted area in a very different way than we anticipated to the possible.
I became interested in ophthalmology already at the beginning of my studies. This is a very diverse and intriguing specialty. We treat patients from all phases of life. Here, as in miniature, all others specialities are combined. My work is very rewarding! A large proportion of ophthalmic patients are elderly, and with these new treatments, we get a better quality of life: at best, keeping their eyesight may, for example, allow them to live at home for longer instead of moving to a facility.

Facts about Kai

Speciality: Ophthalmology
Special skills: Retina