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Mikael von und zu Fraunberg

Deputy Chief Physician

MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Specialist


Mikael von und zu Fraunberg

The best thing about my work for me is to be able to help and give hope to patients who are ready to give up. The patients we treat are often severely ill: they have a long-term, cronic disease with very few treatments, but we are lucky enough to be able to improve their quality of life.

I specialized in neurosurgery after being able to observe some truly impressive surgeries: shunt surgeries and craniotomies where the patient is awake while the brain tumour is operated on. I found it thoroughly inspiring to see what kind of an effect we could have on a patient’s life.

Facts about Mikael von und zu

Speciality: Neurosurgery
Special skills: Neuromodulation, Stereotactic radiotherapy, CyberKnife