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Olavi Airaksinen

Chief Physician, Director

MD, PhD, Professor, Specialist


Olavi Airaksinen

What matters most to me in patient work is the comprehensive understanding and solving of the patient's problem. Only then will we be able to establish a good management plan and, in problematic situations, also secure an extensive multiprofessional rehabilitation package. At the university hospital one has a great opportunity to apply the latest knowledge in research, care and rehabilitation to patient work.

In the early stages of my medical career, I found that a large number of people are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. There is a wide range of tasks in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. However, the teaching of physical medicine and rehabilitation in basic studies was rather limited, so I applied for this specialty because of my enthusiasm to learn new things and the desire to develop this field through both clinical work and research.

Facts about Olavi

Speciality: Rehabilitation,Physiatrics
Special skills: Pain management, rehabilitation research