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Tatu Kemppainen

Chief Physician, Director

MD, PhD, Specialist

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Tatu Kemppainen

My field of specialty engages my interest, because human senses are such a significant part of life. Working with my hands and concentrating on small details have always come natural to me, and I find it interesting to focus especially on the area where the most important senses are located and where feelings are expressed and communication happens. It is an opportunity to really face a human being.

It is important to find out the patient's needs and problems, and to consider together what the best possible solution is. I want to understand the perspective of my patient. It is really important to me that I can help a person who comes to me with a problem. The opportunity to help people is a motivation that does not fade even when decades go by.

Facts about Tatu

Speciality: Ear, nose and throat diseases
Special skills: Rhinology