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Nutritional services

Linda Viitasalo
Nutritionist, RD
+358 40 5179 205

Ravistamo – nutritional services

We offer nutritional services for your health and wellbeing. Good nutritional status strengthens your immune system, enhances wound healing and supports your mental health. We value your insights and respect your individual needs when helping you with any challenges you might have with nutrition.

Our experts are highly educated and skilled clinical dietitians.

We offer You the following services:
1. Diet Counseling: 30–60 min private or family meeting
Pre- and Post-operative nutrition care to support healing, wellbeing and
rehabilitation (e.g. cancer treatments, GI surgery)
GI Disorder – Crohn’s Disease, colitis ulcerosa, IBS and Coeliac Disease
Weight Loss Counseling
Diet related to weight loss surgery
Heart Disease

2. Breakfast or Lunch with a Dietitian
Have an educational and joyful meal with an expert. Topics discussed are adapted
to your individual needs

3. Grocery Store Tours with a Dietitian
Let’s have an inside-view about Finnish grocery store selection so you can easily
find items fitting your diet.

Ravistamo thrives on the joy of eating!