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August 20 2019

As a healthcare professional I have:


Respect for human dignity and humanity (both patient and colleague) while upholding the following values

  • human treatment
  • confidence
  • integrity
  • good interaction
  • privacy policy

Respect patient´s self-determination.
Carry out the necessary examinations and care in agreement with the patient based on up-to-date evidence.

Provide patients with high quality and good care that takes into account·       

  • patient's individual and individual treatment
  • charity
  • patient safety
  • a comprehensive review of the patient's health and well-being
  • taking into account his linguistic and convictional background.

Bring my professional skills to patient care and respect others' skills.
Maintain and develop your professional skills.
Take care of coping with your work and promote well-being at work in the work community.
Promote collaboration between different professional groups.
Commit to the teaching and research task of the hospital by guiding and encouraging students.


Develop and maintain your own professional skills.
Valuable and fair treatment
A good and respectful working atmosphere
High quality orientation
Appropriate workspace

Laws, regulations, principles and guidelines governing professional ethics

Health Care Law
The law regarding the status and rights of a patient
Legislation governing care
Government Decree on the National Advisory Committee on Social and Health Care
Advance the ethical principles of healthcare
Ethical guidelines for different professional groups
The 10 golden rule of PSSHP Collegiality