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Ajurinkatu 20, 70110 Kuopio 

Tel. 017 3863 223

Our office is open on weekdays at 9-17


Ykkösmatkat / Matka Veijalainen Oy is a private travel agency and tour operator in Kuopio. 

The travel agency offers tours in Finland and around Europe, spa trips to popular spas in Estonia and Poland, and to escape the frost, flights to Costa del Sol, Mombasa and Australia. It also offers full-service golf tours to the Baltic and European golf courses. 

The latest addition to the service range is fishing and recreational trips in Finnish Lakeland under the brand name Lakeland Luxury Fishing. 

Ykkösmatkat trips are well known for their well-designed itineraries, good-quality accommodations, delicious dining and professional travel guides. 

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We  also have a cab in Kuopio. You can call the reliable taxi from the number +358  40 180 7061.