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Best treatment plan

Top expertise combined with modern facilities

The high expertise of our doctors, our hospital’s role in developing the field and the most advanced treatment methods, equipment and medication guarantee that we can offer you the best possible treatment path and ensure that your visit with us will be safe and successful.

1. High level of expertise

You will be cared for by the professionals of Kuopio University Hospital, which has 4,300 employees and performs 22,000 surgeries in 26 operating theatres yearly. Our world-class health care system is based on university education, which is offered in Kuopio at the University of Eastern Finland. Every year almost 150 doctors and nearly 100 specialists graduate here with us.

2. Treatment plan by multiple professionals

You will be in the skilled and experienced hands of highly experienced doctors and specialists, nurses and other University Hospital professionals. The basis for your treatment plan is a team of specialists and other experts who will discuss the best treatment path for each disease case-by-case.

3. Leader in medical research and education

The high standard of the Finnish medical service is based on the very latest research information. Our specialists are internationally active in research projects and strengthen their expertise through systematic training.

4. Modern treatment techniques and methods

The modern requirements of patient care are the most important consideration in the new construction and renovation of KUH. The hospital's proximity to the university campus and the science park makes it possible to collaborate closely. The personnel and patients at KUH are able to enjoy the many products of innovation.

With these assets, we are able to guarantee the best possible treatment plan for your care.