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Reliable partner

Responsible and involved care

Our operations are guided and governed by our high ethical and moral values and the strict patient safety standards that are based on Finnish legislation. We are a reliable partner who takes charge of the treatment path and makes sure that our patients always understand what is happening with their treatment.

1. Values and legislation

Thanks to our naturally high ethical values and the Finnish legislation, our patient safety standards are one of the highest in the world.

2. Transparency and reciprocity

We believe the starting point for good care and an excellent customer experience is open communication and the reciprocity of care. We involve the patient in the process by discussing the treatment and his or her well-being openly and actively, and we encourage the patient to take responsibility for his or her rehabilitation, both with reciprocal, open communication and following given instructions.

3. Appropriate care

Our way of working is based on high ethical and moral values and ensures that the necessity and appropriateness of all procedures and treatments is always examined and determined by the specialists in the field and when necessary, by a multidisciplinary team.

With these assets, we can promise that we are the best possible partner for your care.