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Finland is known for its pure nature, air and water, as well as its high level of education and the well-being of the population. We want to provide you the superior, Finnish experience of health and medical tourism.

Comprehensive service

Our FinnHealth team provides a high-quality health and medical tourism-oriented service, where you and your health are the centre of attention. We will tailor a comprehensive service according to your needs. We have good connections by plane, train and car.

Most modern hospital in Finland

Following the introduction of our newest buildings in the summer of 2015, we are the most modern hospital in Finland, where the best practices and the latest technology are applied.

Representing all medical specialties

We represent all medical specialties, who work in close, multidisciplinary cooperation. For example, epilepsy surgery and the treatment of especially severe burns have been nationally centralised to our hospital. We treat the most common national diseases in special top centres, such as Neuro, Heart and Cancer Centres. In them, the various specialisations strive to overcome the disease together.

Satisfied patients

The excellent quality of our operations is indicated with the international-quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008, which has been granted, to its full extent, to KUH as the first university hospital in Europe. And most importantly, according to opinion polls, our patients are very satisfied with the treatment they have received.

Antti Hedman

Antti Hedman
Chief Executive Medical Officer
Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD

Heikki Miettinen
Medical Director
Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD

Helena Länsimies
FinnHealth Manager
PhD, Health Sciences

All our services are available quickly and flexibly if the situation so requires and we further improve the service experience

Our entire hospital will be reformed over the next decade, by means of new buildings and renovations. The basis of the reform is the new hospital building that was opened in the summer of 2015, where the hospital's core functions are now placed. This building covers an area of over 35,000 brm2 and the construction costs were approximately 100 million euros. In the autumn of 2015, the new building for radiotherapy was also completed, where, for example, the radiotherapy unit, oncology outpatient clinic and infusion unit are located.

The whole of our hospital area with multiple buildings is still compact and easy to navigate.

FinnHealth Partners



Cold therapy is a widely used self-care method.


Boutique Hotel Sawohouse

Right combination of elegance, comfort, all-round services and price.

leisure, wellbeing

Wellness Salon Sereno

Relaxing and leisured atmosphere makes you get out of your everyday life.


Beauty Salon Kekoni

For the best beauty treatments.

leisure, accommodation

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

The beautiful scenery invites to enjoy all of Finland’s seasons.


Rauhalahti Holiday Centre

Five star holiday centre by Lake Kallavesi. Nature, activities and relaxing only 6 km away from the city centre.



We offer nutritional services for your health and wellbeing. Good nutritional status strengthens your immune system.


Scandic Kuopio ja Scandic Atlas

Pleasant service and recently renovated, stylish rooms and facilities.



Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi is the largest hotel in Eastern Finland and yet its atmosphere is warm, homelike and jovial.



Ykkösmatkat is a private travel agency and tour operator in Kuopio.

accommodation, leisure, wellbeing


Kruunupuisto offers high-quality hotel, restaurant and leisure facilities.


BIG Travel Finland via Vip Ltd

Professional and helpful business travel agency

patient coordinator

Helena Medical Group

The Finnish Helena Medical Group provides medical services and healthcare consulting for patients from around the world.

leisure for kids


Jenga-Jengala is the organizer of children's birthday parties and various small events in the Kuopio area.

healthcare technology

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

accommodation, leisure, spa

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

Experiences for leisure & business in Kuopio.


Dentist Hohde

Dentist near Kuopio harbour.

Travel facilitator

Path Surgery

We are a medical tourism facilitator with ambition to bring transparency, safety and affordability to having treatment overseas.

leisure, wellbeing

Eija Jokela Pilates

Tule toteamaan mihin Pilateksen teho perustuu ..

healthcare technology

GoodLife Technology

We are game industry veterans transforming customer experience in physical therapy.

healthcare technology

Healthcare Mobile Solutions

Mobile applications that are used between the hospital and the patient

healthcare technology

Medics24 Online

Medics24 is a Finnish eHealthcare platform and a virtual healthcare center.

healthcare technology


A specialist in healthcare digitalization

healthcare technology

SimLab IT

The Wordpress for virtual reality in training


Liivi Rusini

We sell the best bras in town

healthcare technology

MEDI Connection

Developing healthcare for a better tomorrow

travel facilitator


The main goal of our company is to assist patients while planning their medical trip to Finland.