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Events and thrills for children

Jenga-Jengala is the organizer of children's birthday parties and various small events in the Kuopio area. Let us help you find a personal birthday party, children's park, cotton candy machine or program for your business! 

You can also rent all kinds of ornaments, props and party equipment from us.

Invite Jenguli over!

Our huggably charming Jenguli mascot will be happy to greet children (and adults)! Jenguli's specialties are hugs, high fives, football, hide and seek and dancing.

So feel free to ask Jenguli to join the party at your home or company/association event. 

”Thank you very much for organizing the Halloween birthday party! The decorations, the program, the catering and the photos were all excellent. It was nice for a mother to be able to be a "guest" at her own child's birthday party.”
– the birthday boy's mother via e-mail

We will organize a cozy children's play park and have fun playing and crafting with our kids, activating them to make new friends from other children. This is a park where children are entertained!

For companies

You can also provide a child park for the families of your company employees or members of the association, for example for the duration of a theme day for adults, a banquet, or a theater experience. We will be happy to come where your event is.

We help you create spectacular buffet table settings and make pastries for different corporate events or home occasions. Unfortunately, we do not have large sets of dishes so far, but smaller events will be done with porcelain dishes and large groups can be served with disposable dishes.