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High-quality treatment for ear, nose and throat diseases

Do you have symptoms or have you been diagnosed with a ear, nose or throat diseases? Do you want certainty of your disease and a high standard of care?

We offer high-quality services. We evaluate and discuss our cases in multidisciplinary treatment groups consisting of specialists from different fields. This guarantees you the best individualised treatment.

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Our expertise is in the research and treatment of demanding nasal and paranasal sinuses’ diseases, head and neck tumors, balance disorders, vertigo and Ménière’s disease, as well as other ear diseases and hearing loss.

We offer high-quality services of hearing care, such as the implementation of cochlear implants and other hearing aids. Other typical procedures include septoplasty and rhinoplasty, as well as balloon sinuplasty.

Hearing care, ear surgery and cochlear implants

We have developed very accurate and sensitive hearing tests in collaboration with a German university. We have very sensitive testing methods that allow us to objectively assess how the patient hears. Based on this, we can find out how the patient would benefit, for example, from a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. Test methods allow us to better control the effectiveness of treatment.

Cochlear implants are one of our specialties. Cochlear implant treatment is suited for both congenital and progressive hearing loss, and they have revolutionized the rehabilitation of severe hearing impairment. Our youngest cochlear implant patients have been 8 to 10 years old and the oldest over 80 years old.

The surgery is safe, and serious complications are rare. However, successful rehabilitation requires commitment and motivation to learn a whole new way of hearing. That's why we also offer the opportunity to meet a psychologist and a speech therapist for undergoing surgery and rehabilitation.

Head and neck cancer

We treat cancers of the head and neck, which originate in the nose and its sinuses, the mouth, the lips or the pharynx and larynx, as well as tumors in the salivary glands. When necessary, a plastic surgeon will also participate in the cancer treatment if surgery is needed to reconstruct tissue.

The procedure may involve microvascular grafting in the forearm, outer thigh or lower limb. Large cancers are removed by surgery which leaves the defect on mucous membranes and the pharynx. In this case, the missing tissue is replaced by a microvascular graft, such as the side wall of the throat. Eventually the skin will turn into a mucous membrane.