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Do you have problems related to musculoskeletal organs, for which you are looking for high-quality diagnosis and treatment?

We offer high-standard, Western medicine-based orthopaedic, traumatology and hand surgery examinations and treatment. Due to our efficient way of working, the treatment times are short. For example, inpatient care, after a knee and hip replacement surgery, will last only 3-5 days. We will arrange a follow-up visit 2-3 months after surgery.


Osteoarthritis is the world’s most common joint disease. The initial treatment of osteoarthritis is always carried out without surgical intervention. If osteoarthritis has progressed so far that other means – either non-surgical or minor surgical treatments – no longer help, there is arthroplasty, as means of surgical treatment, especially in cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis.

The arthroplasty treatment process begins from the patient’s needs. First, we will do the clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations, which include the patient’s medical clearance for other diseases as well, and the possible issues influencing arthroplasty. The clearances are usually carried out as multi-professional cooperation between the patient and the professionals.

In surgical decision making, we take into account the potential barriers to surgery, other general diseases and medications, as well as review the prerequisites for good rehabilitation. During the pre-operative visit, the patient will meet the surgeon, endoprosthesis nurse and the physiotherapist, as well as, where appropriate, the anaesthesiologist. According to international registers, the treatment results of the artificial joints we use are of top class.

Our KUH Orthopaedics, traumatology and hand surgery clinic won the Finnish Medical Association Quality Award for the treatment processes of arthroplasty patients. Every year, we carry out around 1,450 joint replacement surgeries, the most common being knee and hip replacement surgeries.