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Do you have symptoms or have you been diagnosed with a disease suggestive of cancer? Do you want certainty of your disease and a high standard of care?

We offer high-quality services for the treatment of different cancer types (e.g. breast cancer and cutaneous melanoma). We evaluate and discuss our cases in multidisciplinary treatment groups consisting of specialists from different fields. This assures you the best individualised treatment.


We treat all kinds of diseases of the mammary gland, from birth defects and infections to tumours. We are a very high standard breast cancer care centre, and as a pioneer in Finland, we have implemented plastic surgery as an integral part of breast cancer treatment. We plan a breast cancer patient’s treatment in a multidisciplinary working group and the plastic surgeon is responsible for the implementation of the surgical treatment. We take care of breast cancer efficiently, but we use the conserving surgical technique, whenever it is possible.

We also operate on a lot of skin cancers, including cutaneous melanoma, which in the last decades has become one of the most increasingly common cancers in the Western world. The biggest risk factor for cutaneous melanoma is the burning of the skin, which is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.


The most important form of treatment for melanoma is surgery. In addition, it is very essential to find out the possible spread of melanoma to the nearby lymph nodes along the lymphatic vessels. We do this examination by carrying out a so-called sentinel lymph node biopsy, for which we have 15 years of experience. If we find melanoma cells in the lymph nodes by means of such biopsy, we can improve the prognosis of the patient in order to prevent the disease from spreading by carrying out a completion lymph node dissection. In the post-operative follow-up, we will focus on the detection of potential recurrence or new skin tumours in the cutaneous and lymph node regions. We will also instruct and support the patient for independent monitoring. Melanoma may recur regionally or as metastases. Depending on the situation, we can also treat recurring melanoma with surgical treatment or medication treatment for cancer diseases. We always design the surgical treatment, medication treatment or radiotherapy individually for patients with metastatic melanoma.