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Do you or your loved one have a functional impairment due to a brain injury resulting from an accident or other reason, for which you are looking for effective treatment?

We specialize in the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Rehabilitation programs for cerebrovascular disorders are our strongest expertise. Rehabilitation can best be promoted if some movement remains on the side of the paralyzed hand and leg, which can be strengthened with the therapists’ guidance. In gait training we use the latest robot technology, which makes the exercise feel interesting. Enthusiasm can also be increased with rehabilitation games.


We recommend rehabilitation when the person that has had a stroke wishes to recover and achieve better functioning and walking ability through rehabilitation. Rehabilitation should be sought, when less than a year has passed from the illness. Even effective rehabilitation does not guarantee the recovery of functional capacity completely, but the individually prepared rehabilitation programs can significantly promote functionality. The rehabilitation period may also be necessary after neurosurgical operations. Neurological rehabilitation aims at improving function, reducing symptoms and improving the well-being of the patient. Conditions that may benefit from neurological rehabilitation include cerebrovascular disorder, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases.

Our staff is highly skilled and always acts with our customers’ needs in mind. We have state-of-the-art rehabilitation-promoting technology, which allows rehabilitation to progress smoothly and with significant results. The technology devices that we use for rehabilitation are modern, versatile, enable alternative ways and utilise rehabilitation games. Our rehabilitation methods have been scientifically proven. Our environment offers beautiful nature, the vicinity of a lake landscape, clean air and peacefulness to support rehabilitation.

Our rehabilitation customers can be accommodated with full board and they can include in the service the medical examinations and therapies, as well as around the clock assistance, they need. It is also possible to arrange therapies if the rehabilitation customer is staying elsewhere.


We believe in personalized service, goal-orientation, effectiveness and expertise. We want to treat our patients in a way that is human-centric, highly professional and effective. Our highly skilled and experienced multi-professional team has worked together for a long time, which enables carefully refined practises. The team specializes on neurological rehabilitation and consists of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and, when needed, nutritionists. Besides the expertise, our team is supportive, motivational and kind.

Our service begins after a physician's referral comes in and we assess the need for treatment and additional material. Comprehensive background information helps us to assess if Neuron is the right place for the treatment. Before the treatment period begins we offer our patients a rehabilitation plan, treatment schedule and price estimate. The patient can come alone or with a relative. The support person can be present during the rehabilitation and get guidance for home rehabilitation.