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Our research and treatment methods are safe, effective and based on researched information. We use methods that are of the highest quality even by international standards. We want our hospital to be a safe place for each and every patient to be treated.

1. Reliable patient safety management

Patient safety is managed with reliable tools at Kuopio University Hospital (KUH). These tools include, for example, the check list of WHO's surgery team, double checking medicine, safety walks, root cause analysis of adverse events and the global trigger tool.

2. Throughout eximation and mutual understanding

We take the patients and their needs into consideration at every turn of treatment. We ensure that the patients understand the information given to them, so that they can actively participate in making decisions. To support this we have a wide network of interpreters at our disposal. We make sure that current and accurate information is given throughout the examination and treatment process. The patients' next of kin are an important resource in making the treatment successful.

3. Close collaboration leads to innovation

The modern requirements of patient care are the most important consideration in the new construction and renovation of KUH. The hospital's proximity to the university campus and the science park makes it possible to collaborate closely. The personnel and patients at KUH are able to enjoy the many products of innovation.

4. We invest in modern, first-class equipment

We at KUH invest greatly in the equipment used to ensure that treatment is safe and of the highest quality. The diligent care and monitoring of equipment ensures that it works safely and reliably for both patients and staff. Modern, first-class equipment and technology help KUH offer most effective and reliable care. The state of patient safety is constantly evaluated.