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Five steps to care


By completing our short questionnaire you help us to understand how to treat you to the highest degree of our knowledge. After filling the form we will ask for more details and our trained service personnel will open a conversation with you to define proper course for treatment.

Wherever in the world you are, it is essential you get the best possible medical care. We provide you with that care conveniently and with the highest confidentiality.

"Please, follow our guidance and take five simple steps to our care. Protecting your privacy is of the highest importance to us - from the moment you first contact us."

Professor Juha Töyräs
FinnHealth Director, PhD
Head of Research and Innovation
Kuopio University Hospital

Contact with us begins with a convenient five step dialogue, which leads to access to treatment with us. We will answer you by email within 48 hours and provide coordination during office hours.

1. Contact

Send us your contact details and describe your treatment needs.

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2. Digital Service

You will receive an invitation to our digital patient service portal within the next 48 hours.

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3. Information

Give us more detailed information at secure Digital FinnHealth service to get your treatment plan and cost estimation.

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4. Decision

Together we'll agree on detailed treatment plan and advance payment details.

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5. Treatment

Welcome to FinnHealth - We will take care of you. Digital FinnHealth service will be available to you through the whole service process.