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Do you have heart problems or a diagnosed heart disease, for which you are looking for high-quality diagnosis and treatment?

Annually, we offer high-quality treatment to more than 20,000 patients. We utilise the latest knowledge and technology in treatment. In addition, we have the equipment for even the most demanding cardiac imaging (e.g. CT, MRI, PET) as well as a comprehensive quality monitoring system.

40 cardiologists and surgeons, as well as nearly 150 nursing professionals focus on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We are internationally known for our treatment and research. We are specialists in cardiology, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, including oesophageal and lung surgery and vascular surgery. In addition, we treat patients that need thyroid and parathyroid gland surgery.


We carry out 2,000 coronary angiographs and about 1,000 angioplasty procedures annually. With balloon angioplasty, we can take care of coronary heart disease so that the patient comes to the hospital on the morning of the operation and can go home during the same day. In the treatment of more difficult coronary heart disease, bypass surgery is generally the most suitable treatment.



We have modern electro-anatomic sensing equipment in use, as well as magnetic navigation equipment used in the treatment of more demanding arrhythmias. We annually carry out around 450 arrhythmias examinations and treatments. In addition to catheter ablation treatment, we use ICD’s for the treatment of the most severe, life-threatening arrhythmias. We also fit so-called biventricular pacemakers as a part of severe heart failure treatment.



The primary treatment for severe valve diseases is heart surgery and the repair or replacement of a defective valve with a prosthetic valve. In the treatment of valve diseases, we aim to use so-called corrective surgery, where the defective valve is repaired without the use of an artificial valve. In aortic valve surgery, we either fit a biological valve or a mechanical prosthetic valve. The latest treatment is the fitting of a transcatheter aortal prosthetic valve, in other words without open surgery.



In vascular surgery, we treat narrowed arteries surgically with various methods, as well as intravenously with angioplasty and stenting. The contemporary treatment of cardiovascular disease is a combination of different techniques. For example, during the same procedure, we can carry out iliac artery angioplasty and stenting, as well as femoral popliteal bypass surgery. In the treatment of enlarged blood vessels, or aneurysms, we apply the latest technologies, such as intravenous prosthetic stents by means of traditional open surgery alongside technology. We aim to carry out the treatment of varicose veins or superficial venous thrombosis by utilising puncture techniques (radiofrequency ablation, laser, foam sclerotherapy). Thus, we often avoid making any skin incisions.

We carry out about 220 thyroid and parathyroid surgical treatments each year.