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Minna Purokivi

Deputy Chief Physician, Director

MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Specialist

Lung diseases

Minna Purokivi

I became inspired by lung diseases already when I first started working as a doctor. We treat patients of all ages in pulmonary diseases. Some of the diseases I treat are common in population, such as asthma and sleep apnea, and some are rare diseases, such as pulmonary diseases associated with connective tissue disorders or even cystic fibrosis. My work is interactive and often diagnostically challenging. I can use the best diagnostic methods of clinical physiology, radiology and bronchology, as well as the results of medical research, working here at Kuopio University Hospital.

I cooperate closely with rheumatologists, occupational physicians, thoracic surgeons, pathologists and radiologists. Often the key to diagnosis is in the patient’s symptoms and their relation to environmental factors, such as environmental allergens and impurities in the work environment. Good treatment results are achieved through close cooperation with the patient. It is the interaction and multidisciplinarity of my work and, in particular, the feedback from satisfied patients that motivate me to keep developing myself as a professional, as well as developing the expertise in pulmonary diseases in my work unit.

Facts about Minna

Speciality: Lung diseases
Special skills: Rare lung diseases, interstitial lung disease