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Samipetteri Laine

MD, Specialist

Gastrointestinal surgery
Colorectal surgery

Samipetteri Laine

My surgical specialty was at least partly due to chance: when I was starting my specialization in surgery, there was a shortage of gastrointestinal surgeons in my hospital. Perhaps that was why I was with gastrointestinal/colorectal surgery for a longer period of time, I was given more responsibility and I was able to see and perform extensive gastrointestinal surgery at an early stage. I became excited about the specialty. Gastrointestinal surgery is a diverse and challenging area of surgery and it involves a wide range of procedures from day surgery to difficult cancer surgery. I am particularly interested in minimally invasive and robotic surgery. I have always been interested in video games and game consoles, and minimally invasive and robotic surgery requires the same kind of hand-eye coordination as video games do. 

The most important thing about my work to me is the chance to help people and to be able to work with my hands at the same time. It is great that I can see if the treatment is successful very quickly by whether the patient starts to get better. In addition, I am able to work with a top team. Gastrointestinal surgery, like any other surgery, is a team game.

Facts about Samipetteri

Speciality: Gastrointestinal surgery,Colorectal surgery
Special skills: Colorectal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery